Nova Flowtec Services Ltd

Fire Hydrant Flow Testing (In the Greater Auckland area)

We have the staff, experience and equipment to carry out your fire hydrant flow testing requirements. We can help you with the following:

  • If you have been asked to complete hydrant flow testing by Watercare (or other Territorial Authority), or, as part of your resource consent you need to prove the fire fighting water supply classification (FW testing) available to your new development.
  • If you have fire hydrants located on private property and need to meet your insurance company‚Äôs testing requirements or if you are unsure of your obligations under PAS 4509 2008 New Zealand Fire Service Fire Fighting Water Supplies Code of Practice.
  • If you need to determine mains pressure and water supply for a new sprinkler system installation

Flow testing for developments

Nova Flowtec Services are an approved hydrant testing company with significant experience in testing and reporting on the performance of water mains for fire-fighting water supply and classification (for consent purposes) and sprinkler system design.

We often find people are confused by what their testing requirements are. We consult with Watercare (or other council) and/or your fire engineer to establish the best testing procedure for your project. At Nova Flowtec we will happily do this on your behalf at no extra cost.

All hydrant testing conducted on reticulated networks maintained and operated by a territorial authority are conducted under an access permit specific for your test.

Please contact us regarding any fire hydrant testing requirements you may have.

Fire hydrants located on private or commercial property

Has your insurance company asked you for your testing records for your private fire hydrants?

We can carry out testing and reporting of these hydrants as required.

Testing requirements are detailed in PAS 4509 2008 New Zealand Fire Service Fire Fighting Water Supplies Code of Practice. We are able to supply you with information regarding your obligations under this code of practice and conduct any testing that may be necessary.

For more information, please contact us.

Fire Hydrants in Buildings (Riser Mains)

Nova Flowtec Services Ltd

We are an independent company providing testing and inspection services for all hydrant systems in buildings (Riser Mains, Specified System 6). We do not provide any services relating to repairs or maintenance so you can be confident we are completely impartial.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Annual riser main inspections and flow testing for Building Warrant of Fitness purposes.
  • Testing of all new hydrant systems for buildings

Fire hydrants in buildings are an essential part of a buildings fire protection plan. They enable FENZ to access water throughout the building during a fire incident. We currently inspect and test systems located between Kaitaia and Taupo.

Nova Flowtec Services has two fire appliances for building hydrant testing. We use identical hoses and couplings to those used by Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Nova Flowtec Services carries significant insurance cover for your piece of mind.

For any further enquiries about the testing of your building hydrant system please contact us.